In the past, Koenigsegg owners would venture off on the Koenigsegg Owners Tour. Koenigsegg has now changed the name of the event to Ghost Squadron and the first one was an absolute hit. The past two events took place in Scandinavia, so this year they took the event to the ancestral home of the Koenigsegg name: Germany.

The Final Koenigsegg Ageras: Thor and Väder

Ghost Squadron 2018 took place over three days, including a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The event started off in Baden-Baden, which is located west of Stuttgart. It's here that 16 Koenigseggs started off the weekend's events.
On Saturday, they drove through the Black Forest and stopped by the Schwarzenbach Dam, which provided beautiful imagery. Sunday started with the 16 hypercars heading to Koenigseggwald, a village in the Ravensburg district of Baden-Württemberg that's the ancestral home to the Comital House of Koenigsegg.
The Koenigsegg estate dates all the way back to the 1100's and the family name was first used in 1251. That means there's a lot of history behind the name and thankfully Hereditary Count Maximilian of Koenigsegg-Aulendorf and his wife, Hereditary Countess Valerie of Koenigsegg-Aulendorf were there to provide a brief family history to their guests in Koenigseggwald.

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Their final destination was Park Hotel, Adler. Check out all the images (by Keno Zache and Steven Wade) and the video above (by Sebastian von Koenigsegg and Johan Bohlin). You can see all of the images and information by clicking here.