Normal cars are bought and they are instantly stuck in traffic as transportation appliances. McLaren owners are passionate about performance, especially David Kyte, who purchased Senna #001. In a press release this morning, we get a glimpse of the delivery process. Mr. Kyte was presented with his keys and all the documents by McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt at their Technology Center.

Michael Fux Delivered First McLaren Senna

Finished in Anniversary White with Aurora Blue accents, the colors and their layout was handled by McLaren Special Operations. We can't be more happy for what happened next. Instead of driving the car home and keeping the world from seeing it, David and 5 other owners hit the road. After 870 miles (and a trip under the English Channel) they arrived at Paul Ricard racetrack in the south of France. The convoy consisted of three other McLaren Sennas, a new 2019 McLaren 720S, and the latest Sports Series: McLaren 600LT. Brand ambassador and racer Bruno Senna went along to show the owners just what their machines are capable of. [soliloquy id="135039"] This trip accomplished several goals. David experienced the camaraderie among McLaren owners, he allowed the public to see a convoy of horsepower and elegance that rarely happens. And finally, their journey allowed the engines to get a proper break-in. Buying a new car and parking it is the worst way to hurt the engine. It takes at least 500 miles for the rings and bearings to set, and a road trip is a perfect way to do this. I drove a low mileage Murcielago that was babied its entire life, and the dealer wonders why it smokes at startup. So click the link below to find your McLaren and follow the instructions for years of smooth running.

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