One of the best financial moves in automotive history was Ferrari's IPO. This move was headed up by the late Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne, who passed away just two days ago. Even though he's gone, the plans he laid out for Fiat-Chrysler and Ferrari, and the moves he made will be taught in universities for years to come. Many thought it was unsafe to remove Ferrari from FCA, but he remained as CEO of both companies.
If President Trump does enact a tariff on Italian cars, it could potentially hurt shares of FCA, who operates many factories and dealers in the US. Adding another $1,000 to the Dodge Journey could make it too expensive for many in its target audience, forcing them deeper into sub-prime loans. On the other end of the spectrum, adding $1,000 to a new Ferrari 812 Superfast is probably less than the cost of any of their Tailor-Made options. Buying a few shares or a 488 Pista will both offer returns on investment, depending on how long you are willing to wait.
Ferrari 488 GTB Looks Great On Wall Street Or Your Street
If you have the means to purchase a new Ferrari, a small tariff would be like tossing a match onto a bonfire. In fact, adding to the price might make the car slightly more exclusive, another reason to buy one. But the price is so negligible when its such a small percentage of the overall price. While it might hurt mainstream automakers that caters to the more mainstream customer, keep a close eye on Ferrari's ticker (NYSE: RACE). A few dollars today could have nice returns in the near future.

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