Mercedes-Maybach has finally given us the first glimpse at what will be the future for luxury SUVs as we know it. In a video posted on their Facebook page (see below) are teases of the luxurious interior found in the new Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury. While the name is quite the mouthful, Daimler notes that this new vehicle "shows how the typical strengths of an exclusive high-end saloon and an SUV can be combined."

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Also released was a design sketch the new SUV's interior (see above). This image shows a dashboard that's uncluttered and clean in design. A massive screen sits in front of the driver, which not only displays the instrument gauges but it also has room for the infotainment center. Between the driver and passenger rests a massive center console that I'm sure will be home to something that will surprise us. Refrigerator, anyone? The Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury will officially debut at Auto China in Beijing (April 25-29).