Have you ever had doubts about your service advisor? When your car is sick, you should always get a second opinion before it goes under the knife. However, if you own a Bugatti Chiron it has the ability to phone home. In a press release earlier this morning, Bugatti says owners can opt-in to have their cars in constant communication with the factory. The telemetry system in the Bugatti Chiron is capable of sending real-time data on everything from transmission temps to air conditioning pressure to the "Bugatti Flying Doctors". Not your ordinary grease monkey, these gentlemen are on 24 notice to fly anywhere outside of Antarctica to get your car back in working order. Unlike many social media services, Bugatti doesn't share your information or target ads to your assumed political affiliations. They do offer the best service in the automotive world, which is just another reason why you need one in your collection.

Just How Good Is A Bugatti Veyron?

“Our customers have the most demanding requirements for individual support in all areas of their lives. That also applies to their vehicle fleets and automobile collections,” says Malinowski. “In this area too, Bugatti goes one step further than other manufacturers. With our telemetry system, we can provide our customers with assistance in all technical matters related to their Bugatti. At any hour of the day and, if necessary, also of the night.” This service is also retroactive to the Veyron.