Our neighbors to the north love cars just as much as we do. Canadians might not have the ideal driving weather for much of the year, but that doesn't mean they should miss out on amazing cars. The former British colony is still part of the Commonwealth, so English supercars receive a warm welcome. Pfaff Automotive Partners are McLaren's importer for Canada, and they asked McLaren Special Operations for something unique. If you have the means, MSO will customize your McLaren to your heart's content. So they announced in a press release this morning that they are building 5 unique examples of the 2019 570S Spider to celebrate the brand's success in Canada. These Silica White Spiders have red exposed carbon fiber. White and red accents throughout the car play tribute to the Candian flag, and we hope maple syrup was somehow incorporated.

McLaren Special Operations Delivers 10 Wild 570S Coupes

Bruce McLaren brought home several podium finishes from Canadian races in the 60's, so we think he would be proud of this collection. If you are interested, three examples are heading to McLaren Toronto, and the other two are heading to McLaren Vancouver and McLaren Montreal. If you spend your winters here in the states, our dealers will be happy to replicate this build, so click on the link below and have a great weekend.

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