Some of us have control issues. Do you ever wish your ridesharing driver would go the speed limit? Why should you be forced to listen to life lessons and bad music? Uber has a solution! Partnering with the biggest names in the car rental business, UBER Rent is a new service that lets you be the driver, with special rates for hourly, weekly, and long-term rentals. The first is part of a collaboration with Getaround, and the hourly service is currently being tested in the San Francisco Bay area. A more popular weekly option comes from Hertz, and it is now live in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Orange County, Miami, New Orleans, and the San Francisco Bay Area. It starts at $214 per week with a one-time $200 deposit that will be refunded. The best part is, you get the option to renew every week. All it takes is 25 years of age and a credit or debit card. If you are reading this, you have probably considered making some extra cash by helping people get where they need to go. Unfortunately, most of us don't want to put miles on our precious machines. So if you have a few vacation days saved up, driving for Uber will cover the cost of the rental, and it might even finance your vacation. The final option is based around California's big cities. Fair is a long-term rental plan for those who don't own a car. Only offered in Orange County, San Diego, LA, San Francisco and Sacramento, this ingenious plan accounts for how many Californians prefer public transportation to the hassle of car ownership. Hertz does offer the Corvette Stingray as part of their Adrenaline Collection, so whats better than getting paid to scare unsuspecting riders in Race Mode? Click the links for more information and stay with us for more great deals.

Rent From Uber