Aston Martin's plans for creating the new Lagonda SUV in 2019 look to be on track. The English automaker announced that the third and final stage of preparation for their assembly plant in St. Athan, South Wales is underway.

(Lagonda Vision Concept pictured above)

The new assembly plant was converted out of three hangars that were used as a former Ministry of Defence site. This new facility will create 750 jobs to the area, 150 of which have already been filled as part of the preparation processes. It's at this location that Aston Martin's first SUV, the Lagonda, will be created in late 2019.
Aston Martin's new car assembly plant at St Athan, in South Wales.
“We are delighted at the progress being made at the St Athan site," says Dr Andy Palmer, Aston Martin President and Chief Executive Officer. "The team have done a fantastic job in advancing the facility and I was incredibly proud to chair our first Board meeting at the new plant. Wales has a long history of engineering excellence and the Board is delighted that it will play such an important part in Aston Martin’s development.” The Lagonda will be just one of the new Aston Martin models in the company's Second Century Plan.