If you have the means to purchase a new 2018 Bugatti Chiron, it comes with certain services not offered by any other brand. Their flying doctors will travel anywhere except Antarctica to diagnose and repair your car. So when it comes to customer safety, they are willing to go to extreme measures. That is why the side airbags have endured multiple tests. But a new heat shield designed to keep your arm hair intact has allowed some of the gunpowder to burn the seats when the bags go off.

How To Perform A $21,000 Bugatti Oil Change

The NHTSA report says only two cars in the US have the updated design, so the Bugatti Flying Doctors are en route. The seats will be flown back to the factory in France to receive a new design. The report says "Burn hole in the side airbag could be found following deployment in certain conditions because a heat shield may have been installed in an incorrect position. The population was determined for all delivered cars where the side airbag module has been produced by one individual worker in 2017. After the first test showing a wrong assembly, all other production cars in our possession have been completely checked." Kudos to Bugatti for volunteering this information, customer safety is one of their top priorities, so click the link below to experience one for yourself.

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