You might've noticed the snazzy new Mustangs roaming around your neighborhood. Ford has given their pony car a new fresh look, so that means Chevrolet's Camaro is close behind. This Cat & Mouse game goes back to 1965 when Ford beat Chevy to the market with the Mustang. Since then, they have battled for the newest & sleekest design. A press release this morning shows that Camaro's 6th Generation was all-new for 2016, sharing updated suspension with the Cadillac ATS and power from the Corvette. Only 3 years in, designers have sculpted a leaner visage with enhanced abilities for all models. First off, the Flowtie is now standard equipment. Instead of Chevrolet's signature bowtie emblem, it has been hollowed out to increase airflow. To differentiate the RS package from the base-model LS cars, the new headlights are LED with light bars, and the grilles have Galvano-chrome inserts. Along with specific 20" wheels, it will make the Camaro RS package a must-have.

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Every Camaro has a new rear end. LED taillights and specific rear diffusers for each model allow the dual-mode exhaust to sing to the masses. Yes, even the 4-cylinder Camaro is improved. The 2.0-liter turbocharged engine makes 275 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. But now it can be ordered with the 1LE suspension package previously only offered on the V6 and V8 cars. The ZL1 10-speed automatic is standard on the upper-level cars, but if you want a Turbo 1LE, the six-speed manual is your only option.

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The Turbo 1LE is the only 4 cylinder car on the market to offer 20" tires in 245/40 and 275/35 front to rear. Brembo brakes and stiffer suspension change the weight bias to almost 50/50. A flat-bottom steering wheel allows for aggressive driving. The latter is offered by the driving mode selector. Other new features include a revised performance data recorder, backup displays in the rearview mirrors, and an 8" touchscreen. Camaro 1LE has always been aimed at performance on the track so it would be nice to compare the original 1LE to the new Turbo to see how they compare. Tell us what you think of the new Camaro in the comments below and stay with us for all your Chevrolet news.

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