In the past, many automakers would not allow internal competition. The big engine in a small car controversy has been played out by Ford, GM, and now BMW.  The quick & nimble BMW M2 and its M235i siblings are powered by a turbocharged straight-six engine. That's no surprise because the M3 and M4 also share versions of the same engine.

BMW Unveils Limited Edition M240i M Performance Edition

Usually, leaks about upcoming German cars come from Europe, but this one caught us off-guard. The Country (and Continent) that is closest to the International Date Line is Australia. Tomorrow officially begins at that line, so BMW from Down Under was first to show this new Bavarian beast to the world. Here's the cached page of the leak.
When the M2 was first announced to have a single turbo, we figured it was due to the small engine bay. The M3 and M4 have two, using 3 cylinders to spin each turbine. Another important consideration is making the M3 or M4 buyer able to justify the price when compared to the M2, but why? A buyer looking for an M2 is probably not looking for anything else, so why not give it the most power?

How To Build A BMW M2 Drift Machine? LS Swap It

This doesn't come down to building a faster flagship because the new M760 is the fastest BMW on the market. They have always built the Ultimate Driving Machine, so get ready for 410 horsepower and 410 lb-ft of torque. Only the dual-clutch transmission was mentioned, so we hope BMW USA listens to our six-speed needs. Pricing and availability have yet to be released, so stay with us for all your BMW news.

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