All good things come to an end, and that includes hypercars like the Koenigsegg Agera RS. Koenigsegg has announced that production on the Agera RS has officially ended. In total, 25 Agera RS examples were created during its production run. In Koenigsegg's announcement, they managed to touch on two special Agera RS cars. First was the factory example that was built, which has now been sold and delivered to a long-term collector. Then there was the Agera RS 'Gryphon' that was damaged, a car meant for Manny Khoshbin. The replacement for this car is the 'Phoenix' and it's actually the last Agera RS to roll off of the production line. Khoshbin notes on his Instagram that the car should be on a plane and headed State-side soon.

Cockpit Video of Koenigsegg Agera Top Speed Run

Going forward, Koenigsegg has a plan in place. The Regera has been filling up their production line, and the hype for the car hasn't stopped just yet. There are also two Final Edition Ageras that need to be completed. Once these two cars are completed, the entire Agera line will be done. Don't be sad, because maybe we'll be seeing a Regera RS in the near future!

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