Have you already put your down payment on the new McLaren Hyper-GT car, codename BP23? If you have, then you're definitely in for a treat and a few extras to go along with your new hypercar. While it's been quiet regarding all of the details about the car and what will be coming along with its delivery, McLaren has at least shown us an exclusive sculpture that will be coming along with the car.

McLaren 570S for Sale

Dubbed the "Speed Form" sculpture, McLaren says that this is a piece that "money-can't-buy." Why? Well, that's because this sculpture is only meant for the 106 confirmed buyers of the new BP23. The sculpture itself measures in at 400mm x 205mm x 80mm and weighs only 3.6 kg. It's created through a CNC cutting process and the touch of craftsmen, a process that takes more than 100 hours. For the hand-polishing alone, it's a 30 hours task.

McLaren 720S for Sale

As for its design, McLaren says it "provides an early hint of the luxury and imagination that extends under the skin of the vehicle to its icon-eclipsing interior, which is arranged in the same three-seat, central driving position layout as the McLaren F1 that inspired it." So, in all seriousness, this sculpture is our best look yet at the unrevealed BP23.