Want to know something I wasn't expecting to see during the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018? A Range Rover SVR driving on two wheels. What's more, I was definitely not expecting on seeing a Range Rover SVR driving on two wheels for one mile in the quickest manner ever.

(View the record run below)

Yes, the luxury SUV set the Guinness World Record for the fastest one mile to be traversed on two wheels by a car. Behind the wheel of the Range Rover SVR was Terry Grant, who previously drove both the Nissan Juke RS NISMO and Jaguar F-PACE on two wheels and did a barrel roll in a Jaguar E-PACE. His run took was clocked in at 2:24.5, which was about thirty seconds fastest than his 2011 record. To date, he has 25 Guinness World Records to his name and this is just his latest.

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