Not just anyone can purchase a 2018 Ford GT. The process involves submitting a request to Dearborn in hopes they will choose you as a good ambassador for the Blue Oval brand. Since it takes considerable time to build the carbon fiber supercar, deliveries have been spread out over the past few months.

Hennessey Twin Turbo Audi R8 V10 Test Drive

The latest delivery happened to be in Sealy, Texas, at the headquarters of Hennessey Performance Engineering. Our friend John Hennessey ordered a Heritage Edition, which arrives in the same colors as the LeMans winning GT40 of the late 60's. A new Ford GT comes with a host of accessories ranging from a steering wheel cover to an indoor car cover embroidered with the VIN.

Price & Specs for the New For GT

One stipulation is that Ford gets first right of refusal should he choose to sell it. Other celebrities have found loopholes around this, but we think he won't have a hard time finding a buyer once he is done under the hood. Who knows, he might leave it stock as a reward for building an empire. Tell us if you think it should be preserved, or if you think the heads and turbos are already off the block in the comments below. Stay with us for all your Hennessey updates.

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