If you demand the best out of everything in life, BRABUS has something you will enjoy. Their latest E700 is the first 2018 example in the US. Sparing no expense, it started life as a Mercedes-AMG E63 S Edition 1. Wasting no time, they upgraded almost every piece of trim. The iconic B logo can be found on the illuminated grille badge, leather floor mats, and even in a 3D form on the Distronic shield. Their stainless steel dual-mode exhaust outflows the factory system, to handle more boost. The turbos and wastegates are upgraded to make 700 horsepower, and the transmission is recalibrated for more aggressive shifting.

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[soliloquy id="129415"] A full carbon fiber kit consists of front and rear spoilers, a rear diffuser, rocker panels and more. The monoblock forged wheels look great with the optional 0.6" lowering kit. As with all BRABUS cars, it is 50-state legal and backed by a warranty. Click the link below for all the details.

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