Configurators are the best computer software since the Oregon Trail. You chart your own course, and you are rewarded at the end. Around here, each one of us likes to build their ideal car and this time it was my turn. Staying true to our corporate colors, it was time to see just how attractive McLaren's new 600LT can be.
Starting with a body of Vermillion Red, the stock silver 5-spoke wheels had to go. I chose 10-spoke forged rollers in a 2-tone black and machined finish. Then it was an easy choice between the "normal" Pirelli P-Zero, or their new P-Zero Trofeo R. The new design was created exclusively for the 600LT. It has a softer sidewall and stronger steel belts that are tuned to the car's suspension.
Next, it was time for carbon fiber wonderland. The ultimate package is level 3. It includes the mirrors,. rocker panels, front and rear bumpers, spoilers, fender vents and the giant rear diffuser.
Composites are addicting, so we splurged a few thousand dollars more for the roof, engine cover, and fixed rear spoiler. The exhaust tips are anodized black for a nice contrast against the flames it will spew under wide-open throttle.
All McLaren cars are built as convertibles before the roof is added. The interior configurator page looks to be a wild roadster version that would look incredible, but it is only used to mock up our choices. I may be getting old, but microfiber is just another name for cloth interior. I am not a vegetarian, so I prefer my cars to have all-natural hides. Microfiber doesn't age well and I would prefer to be held in place by bolsters instead of fabric. I went without the extra carbon interior pieces because of gloss interior parts create a disco effect at night. Any way you choose to spec your 600LT, it will be capable of blistering performance. So stay with us for all your McLaren updates.

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