Christian von Koenigsegg launched the Koenigsegg car company at the age of just 22-years-old in 1994. Now, decades later, the automotive company has turned into an exotic car powerhouse. Exciting cars like the CCXR, Agera RS and Regera have been created, each becoming stars in their own right. What's great about a company like Koenigsegg is often you'll see the founder interacting with customers and the public. He's also not shy about driving around in his prized creations. Recently, he was spotted cruising around in a Regera hypercar. This specific Regera is called 'Malin' and has a carbon fiber body with a gorgeous green tint. This color was chosen because the owner also owns a Jaguar XJ220 in the same color. Christian von Koenigsegg's Regera cruise took place during the Koenigsegg Ghost Squadron 2018 event. This event, located in Germany, started in Baden-Baden and ended in Königseggwald. In total, 18 different Koenigseggs attended the event, including the Agera FE cars Thor and Vader.