The new 2019 Toyota Supra made its way to the Goodwood Festival of Speed and has accomplished its very first Goodwood Hillclimb. This specific vehicle, Toyota A90, was covered in a camouflage design which held it back from a formal reveal. While it was in disguise, we at least were able to see the car in action and what it's like when put to the test. The new Supra will be based around the upcoming BMW Z4. We know it will have a straight-six engine, but as far as specific specs and details go, we're still in the dark. At the very least we have the video below that gives us the opportunity to see what will use the beloved Supra model name.

Toyota Unveils 2019 Century Worth Almost $200k

I should say that I'm a bit disappointed that the car still hasn't been fully revealed. Back in the day, I used to drool whenever I saw a Supra. Heck, I still do to this day. Simply put, I'm just excited for the Supra to come back and I'm hoping it lives up to the name.