In an article published this morning, the English Petrol-heads at Autocar has confirmed our worst fears. Speaking with McLaren's management at Geneva, they said over 150 potential buyers expressed interested in the McLaren Senna GTR. Unfortunately, McLaren has capped the production run at only 75 cars. Like its predecessor the P1 GTR, they will be street legal cars capable of taking on the world.

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A person much wiser than myself told me "The best way to sell a car is to tell them it is not for sale." McLaren's most valued customers will probably be upset at the low production numbers, but this car is undoubtedly expensive to build. They have pushed the 4.0 liter V8 to new heights, making "at least" 814 horsepower at the crank along with 590 lb-ft of torque. At speed, the prominent aerodynamics generate 2,204 lbs of downforce, so McLaren claims only the legendary F1 is faster on the track.

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