Koenigsegg is ending the Agera model line in a fitting way: special editions and awesome names. The Swedish automaker has announced that the two final Agera hypercars will be called Thor and Väder and will be under the Agera FE (Final Edition) designation. The Final Edition models were given the name by the owners, who were given consent by Koenigsegg. These models are based on the Agera RS and came with all options available at no added cost. Thor was created with a two-tone carbon body that includes a "diamond-flake" in certain areas. Just before the rear of this hypercar lies a "LeMans-style" central fin. This added aerodynamic component joins the rest of Koenigsegg's aerodynamic suite.
As for Väder, this hypercar has a clear carbon finish with the diamond flake. When looking at the car, you will notice the white gold leaf highlights found across the body. In the rear is a massive rear wing that has custom cutouts that show off the inner workings of its active-aero mechanism.
Both owners of the cars will be taking Thor and Väder to a Koenigsegg event on the weekend of July 6th. After that, they will head off to the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed (July 12-15).