If we've learned anything from Cadillac over the past 3 decades, it's to not call their bluff. In a YouTube video uploaded over the weekend, the industry analysts at Autoline Network confirm that the Cadillac Escala will enter production in 2021. This comes as a bit of a relief due to Cadillac's current lineup. The flagship CT6 is their most well-appointed car, with features like Bose Panaray surround sound and GM's first autonomous driving system: Supercruise. It has a twin turbo V6 that can run on 3 cylinders for great economy. [soliloquy id="128875"] The problem is that Cadillac also builds a more expensive sedan, the 3rd generation of the wild CTS-V. It uses boost and the Corvette Z06's LT4 engine to offer 640 horsepower and torque. So Caddy buyers can choose between high power or high technology, which is where the Escala will bridge this gap. The CT6 chassis has been used to unveil Plug-in Hybrid technology along with many other new features, so it will be nice to see them dropped into such a stylish package. It will also be nearly two decades since the first CTS heralded Cadillac's renaissance. It will also coincide with their top-secret mid-engined car being developed at the Corvette plant. The future looks bright for Cadillac, so tell us which car you anticipate more in the comments below.

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