Every type of automobile is welcomed to participate at the Pike's Peak hill climb. We thought Bentley would bring a Supersports version of their new Continental, but instead, they arrived with a Bentayga. Turning to one of the masters of the mountain, none other than Rhys Millen was chosen for this daunting ascent. He would be at the helm of a 600 horsepower W12 with 664 lb-ft of torque. The adaptive air suspension has multiple chambers at each corner for a smooth ride. To keep it level, the sway bars are coupled to a 48-volt roll-control system. Carbon ceramic brakes kept the big SUV from going over the edge, and only a few small changes had to be made in order to compete.
The front seats were replaced with racing buckets, and the rear seats were removed. A fire suppression system and Akrapovic exhaust were the only other changes. Rhys had this to say: "What an incredible machine. To take a luxury SUV with minimal modifications and be able to drive up this course in under 11 minutes is a huge testament to the performance and level of engineering in the Bentayga. I had a great run – the car was planted all the way up and gave me the confidence I needed to push hard. I’m delighted to take the SUV record for Bentley and for everyone that’s been involved in this project.”
His record time of 10.49.9 is almost 2 minutes faster than the previous SUV record. At an average speed of 66.5 mph, it pushes SUV performance to a new level. To commemorate the win, Bentley is building 10 Pike's Peak Editions. Mulliner is finishing them in Beluga Black or Radium, with 22" two-tone wheels. The black specification is also standard, replacing all chrome with gloss black. Inside is Key Lime with Beluga Alcantara, making it the most unique Bentayga to date.

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