Yesterday at the University of Modena, the Enzo Ferrari Faculty of Engineering was the site of a celebration. Automotive engineers joined with academia and the employees of Pagani Automobili. Together they bestowed the man himself with a Master's Degree in Vehicle Engineering. The scene was one of the ancient traditions. Mr. Pagani was given a Laudatio by Professor Francesco Leali: “A technician whose merits go far beyond mechanical engineering and composite material technology, of which he has been a visionary pioneer, inspired by that Reinassance concept fully developed in Leonardo Da Vinci’s thoughts and works, that he kept maniacally studying and loving.” Also in attendance were his wife and children, friends from his Argentine hometown, his former employees at Lamborghini, and even Maurizio Ferrari. The top brass from Daimler, Mercedes-AMG (his engine supplier) and Bosch executives all believed in his vision for the Zonda. The car that launched his brand the first Zonda C12 is almost 20 years old, and it launched the age of the hypercar.

The Pagani Huayra Project Vulcan: Created by Dedication

The Rector of the University also recalled the significance of such an honor, saying that it can only be awarded to "People who, due to their works or publications, gained fame for the profound expertise achieved in the subjects for which the Honoris Causa Degree is conceded" He knew his small town in Argentina could not provide a proper education, so he visited Italy. After meeting with Lamborghini's Chief Technical Director Giulio Alfieri, he was hired to sweep the floors in 1982. By the age of 20, he was Lamborghini's Chief Engineer. When Chrysler bought Lamborghini, they didn't believe the future was in carbon fiber, so Horacio left to build his masterpiece.
Our publisher and Mr. Pagani
Our magazine and website would be much less interesting without his cars, so here's to you Mr. Pagani- From all of us at the duPont REGISTRY.

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