If this looks familiar, it is because you saw this iconic landmark in Transformers. Michigan Central Station is in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood, and it was Motor City's connection with America. If it looks similar to Grand Central, it is because it was designed by the same architects. In fact, Grand Central was supposed to have the same office building above it, but the Vanderbilts didn't want to disrupt the view of Park Avenue. Detroit has built so many cars and trucks, the great railroads lost their passengers to the Interstate. The last train left on January 6, 1988, and the station was abandoned until yesterday. Ford announced in a press release that they are transforming it into the Corktown Campus for innovation. Bill Ford took a few inspirational quotes and installed laser projection for nighttime motivation. [soliloquy id="133192"] Once refurbished, it will be Ford's home for electric, autonomous and future vehicle development. It will be the starting point of an autonomous mobility corridor leading to Dearborn and ending in Ann Arbor. It will also give them a chance to give Dearborn a much-needed makeover. Three decades of neglect will be wiped away, and it will bring life back into a city that has fallen on hard times. The 2019 Mustang GT is faster than any train, so click the link below for an afFORDable 460 horsepower pony, and stay with us for updates on this project.

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