The McLaren Senna was originally introduced as the most extreme car that the automaker has ever created. Well, apparently that wasn't enough because McLaren has just revealed the new Senna GTR Concept, an even more extreme car that's meant for track-only purposes. McLaren says that the Senna GTR has more power and torque than the standard Senna. For right now the only figure announced is horsepower which is set at 812 hp (24 hp increase). What's more important than the power increase is the amount of downforce the Senna GTR provides. With up to 1,000 kg (2,204 lbs) of downforce, this supercar is absolutely ready for track use.
As far as its design goes, the Senna GTR definitely has a more aggressive appearance but it's all done for the sake of function. In the front is a massive splitter that joins the rear diffuser in a mission to extend the car and provide optimal downforce. There's also the massive wing in the rear that gives the low car a bit more height.

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McLaren is planning on creating 75 examples of the Senna GTR, all of which are meant for track-only purposes. Production on the car will begin next year in 2019.