Possibly one of the greatest car movies ever made, Cannonball Run, could be back on the big screen. In an exclusive by Deadline Hollywood, Warner Brothers are negotiating with possible screenwriters and directors. It would be a new take on the same theme, get from downtown New York to LA as fast as possible. The best automotive writer of all time organized the original race. Brock Yates was our friend and the Editor of Car & Driver for decades. In 1974, the national speed limit was lowered to 55 mph; and he was inspired by Cannonball Baker's cross-country records from the early days of motoring. He partnered with Dan Gurney as co-driver in a Ferrari 365 GTB/4, and their first run was 35 hours 53 minutes.

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He named the race the "Cannonball Baker Sea To Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash". It inspired the 1981 film "Cannonball" which featured Burt Reynolds, Farah Fawcett, Sammy Davis Jr, Sir Roger Moore and Dom Deluise. It was also one of Jackie Chan's first major roles. The sequel added Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and other Rat Pack members in their final film.

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Each time the record is broken, the drivers are instantly famous and infamous. Richard Rawlings and Dennis Collins from Gas Monkey Garage, Alex Roy, Ed Bolian from VINwiki, and several others who will remain anonymous have made the run without incident. So tell us who you would like to see in on the screen and stay with us for all your Cannonball updates.

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