The all-electric Mission E has been officially announced as the Porsche Taycan. After reading that sentance,  how did you pronounce "Taycan" as you were reading it? Maybe you pronounced it like "taken" or "ty-con," but no matter how you said it, you probably asked yourself what the correct pronunciation is. Thankfully, Porsche has released a video that lets us know how their upcoming model's name is really pronounced. Those that went with the "ty-con" pronunciation, congratulations because you were correct. In the video, the informative narrator also talks about how every Porsche has one thing in common: a soul. This was brought up because many are talking about how the soul of a car is ripped out when the gasoline engine is missing. For that, Porsche is promising that the soul we've felt in all of their models will be present in the Taycan. Referring to the Taycan, Porsche says in the video description: "...although his heart is powered by a different force - electricity - the soul, once again, is the same."