McLaren has, again, teased a new model that looks to be a 570S variant. The new tease comes with an image, as well as some additional information. The new model will be unveiled online on June 28 and in July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. As for the new image, we see a pair of exhaust pipes that are exiting out of the top and rear of the engine bay. We've yet to see a modern McLaren with this type of exhaust, as most have exhaust exiting directly out of the rear. One car you may be familiar with that has a similar exhaust setup is the Porsche 918 Spyder, which has exhaust exiting behind the driver and passenger seats.

McLaren Teases a New Supercar

This new model will have increased power, a lighter weight, better aerodynamics, and "enhanced driver engagement." Production of the car will also be very limited. McLaren will be taking the mystery car for a drive up the famous Goodwood Hill Climb on July 12. After it's unveiling, McLaren will have unveiled five models under the Track22 business plan.