It is always important to test the water before jumping in. So that is why Mercedes-Benz has not offered a battery-powered car. Their Smart ForTwo EV is a sensible choice, but it is not even close to being worthy to wear a Mercedes-Benz badge. Just in time for the Consumer Electronics Show, they uploaded a video of the EQA electric concept in action. We first saw this unique coupe at the Frankfurt Auto Show, but we figured it was a static vision of their future electric design language. Now it looks like the EQA concept is functional and quite stunning on the roads of Sicily. Their website says it has two electric motors to power the front and rear axles. Total system output is 268 horsepower, which makes it a viable alternative to the regular A-Class models. It appears like they might go ahead with production, so stay with us for all your Mercedes-Benz updates.

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