Here is your chance to experience one of the most exhilarating driving experiences known to man. The opportunity to race your exotic car down a runway at unrestricted speeds against a fighter jet, piloted by one of the greatest pilots in the world. Are you up for the challenge?
At Supercars vs. Fighter Jet: Space Coast you will not only have the chance to race a Cobra Attack Helicopter but also a MiG-17 fighter jet. On day 1 of this incredible two-day experience you will have the opportunity to display your exotic cars with military aircraft for pictures while mingling with the pilots and ground crew. Then you will get to go race a MiG-17! Each participant will be given multiple chances to see what they’ve got against this iconic Russian fighter jet.
Once the racing is complete, the group is invited to display their exotics in front of the Airshow’s VIP chalet to watch the airshow as they enjoy a catered lunch. At the conclusion of the airshow all participants are also invited to the Valiant Air Command hanger for the Airshow’s VIP Dinner where you will meet the airshow performers, see a collection of vintage aircraft and enjoy the evening with a live band. Another advantage to staying for the evening’s festivities is that our group will have special permission to make multiple top- speed runs down the runway.
On day 2 you will get to try your driving skills against a Cobra Attack Helicopter! As with the MiG the day before, you’ll have multiple chances against the Cobra. Once the racing is over, the group may return to the VIP Chalet for a catered lunch while watching Sunday’s show. After the airshow, all exotics will receive a private escort off the premises to avoid spectator traffic.

Driver + Guest $2,975

Things to Know: [one-half-first] • Must be 18 years of age or older with valid driver's license to drive • No helmets required • Lodging info available on upon request • Driver and Instructor only in vehicle during aircraft race [/one-half-first] [one-half] • All participants will receive multiple photos and videos of the event • Catered lunch will be provided both days • This event is limited to 20 exotics [/one-half]

To register, contact Stacy Newman at or (407) 462-1050 or visit for additional details.

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