Monterey car week has something for everyone, and Lamborghini owners are in luck this year. According to NDTV, the Aventador SVJ and SVJ Roadster will make their formal debut at the car show. Pulling a page from their history book, the Lamborghini Jota was a Miura. Losing 800 lbs, it was built to meet the FIA's Appendix J rules, but the prototype crashed and burned.

New Mystery Lamborghini Aventador Spied, Looks Brutal

Taking lessons learned building the Jota, the Miura SV/J was a series of 7 racing Miuras aimed at motorsports. Next was the Diablo SE30 Jota. Built for their customer "Squadra Corse" program, only 12 to 15 models were delivered. To pay respect to factory-built race cars of the past, the 2012 Aventador J was a wild concept. We've seen photos and footage of the new prototype, and it looks to be based on the Aventador SV, with the Ferrari 812 in its crosshairs. Lamborghini patented active aerodynamics on the Huracan Performante so this might be the logical extension of that technology on to their flagship model. The Jota name has always appeared near the end of the model run, so this also means a successor to the Aventador is in the works. If you don't need 800 horsepower, our dealers have plenty of Aventadors to choose from. So click the link below and stay with us for all your Lamborghini updates.

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