Forza Horizon 4 has been revealed at E3 2018, and it comes with a few surprises and the gameplay that we've come to love. When Forza Horizon 3 came out, I spent almost too much time racing around the virtual world, taking hypercars off-road, sideways around corners and off of cliffs, all in the name of fun. When I say fun, I mean it; the Forza Horizon series is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable racing series for the automotive enthusiast. It may not be as realistic as its brother, Forza Motorsport, but all of the cars, fast-paced action, and stunning graphics are there. Better yet, it's all done with an open-world. For the fourth iteration in the series, new dynamic seasons are being introduced. This means that every week the in-game season changes across the new setting, Britain. One week you may be racing through the snow, while the next week is sunny with a chance of rain. I'm a huge fan of dynamic weather, but dynamic seasons? Count me in.
Over 450 different cars will be available in Forza Horizon 4, coming from more than 100 different licensed manufacturers. This is, without a doubt, the largest Horizon car roster to date. Two of the cars are coming in as the stars on the cover, the McLaren Senna and 1990 Land Rover Defender 90. These two cars are from Britain, paying homage to the new game's setting.
Other changes coming to Forza Horizon 4 include:
  • Route Creator: design and share custom race routes
  • Drift Suspension upgrades
  • Driver personalization (accessories, clothing, emotes and more)
  • 60 frames per second on Xbox One X (and PC, of course)
  • Owner in-game property that unlocks new items and perks
Forza Horizon 4 is available for pre-order now and it will be released worldwide on October 2, 2018. It will be available for Xbox One, Xbox One X and Windows 10 PCs. If you have the Xbox Game Pass, you'll be able to play for free. There are also Deluxe and Ultimate Edition available for pre-order. Ultimate Edition owners will get the game early on September 28.

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