Somewhere in the attic, there is a BetaMax video of my Christmas morning in 1987. My first Hot Wheels track and a few cars were enough for hours of imagination. Once parents realized how effective the track was for corporal punishment, sales really took off! Yes, I have been admonished by plastic track, but maybe I deserved it. Their famous "Poison Pinto" was just large enough for a firecracker,  that it simulated real-life detonations of the explosive automobile.
Urban legends say the rotary-powered cars came with tow straps and spare apex seals, and the Vega arrived pre-rusted. Nevertheless, every kid has wondered what it would be like to be behind the wheel of their cars. With high-banked corners, loops, ramps, and the brutal figure eight, it would be the thrill of a lifetime. Well, now your dreams can be a reality. The latest Hot Wheels model is actually a GoPro camera mount.
The "Zoom In" is made for the Hero Session or Hero 5 Session cameras, this $1 ride is perfect for POV action. C/Net reported the car has a retail price of $1.09, and it places the camera low in the chassis for confident cornering. Because the GoPro Session is capable of live streaming, parents can also make sure homework is done and that the room is truly being cleaned. Stay with us for all your repressed automotive childhood memories and have a great weekend!

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