In an ideal world, US1 in Florida would be an 8-lane superhighway without retirees. But it is the only way to experience the Keys, so why not take a trip in a Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster? If you are heading to the Overseas Highway, the best starting point would be Prestige Imports. Their location in North Miami Beach is a Mecca for supercar lovers. Our friend Brett David inherited the dealership from his late father Irv. Mr. David took a chance on a new car magazine back in 1985, and Prestige has been a fixture on our pages, at our events, and on our social media since the beginning.
3,700 Horsepower In Any Color You Want!
  Brett and his team are not your typical supercar salespeople, and neither is their facility. When he told us his plans for a new showroom, we didn't believe him. It was impressive enough for Horacio Pagani to allow Prestige Imports to be the official US sales & service facility. Lamborghini has been with them since the beginning, and the raging bull represents a significant percentage of their sales. So how do you entice a prospective buyer? Take them on a road trip to Key West.
The latest Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster specs include a 740 horsepower V12, 509 lb-ft of torque, rear wheel steering, and the world's most advanced AWD system. Of course, Prestige also has the Huracan in all its variants also. Click the link below to browse their inventory and stay with us for all of your Lamborghini updates.

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