There's a new Transformers movie coming out and the trailer just dropped, but its title only mentions one Transformer. Heck, the title is his name, "Bumblebee." Yes, this upcoming film will revolve entirely around the goofy, yellow Autobot. But, there's one thing that many will see if very different about this Bumblebee: he's a Volkswagen Beetle and not a Chevrolet Camaro. Many will cry foul regarding this change because 2007's "Transformers" film made the yellow Camaro somewhat of a symbol. But those who know the history behind Transformers will note that this is a return to the true original Bumblebee that's decades old. Another thing that many will find missing in this movie is Michael Bay's presence as a director. In fact, this will be the first Transformers film in the current generation that does not feature Bay as a director. That role will be held by Travis Knight who made his directorial debut with "Kubo and the Two String" in 2016. Bay will instead be a producer in "Bumblebee."

Cars of Transformers 5: The Last Knight

If you're missing Bumblebee as a Camaro, don't worry because you can still rewatch all of the other Transformers films and get your fill. You can also buy a Camaro of your own and pretend it transforms. Might I suggest a Camaro ZL1? (Also, John Cena is a bad guy in the movie?!)