If you aren't a shareholder in FCA, you missed out on their big meeting Friday at their Italian HQ. CEO Sergio Marchionne revealed a ton of exciting products coming our way, so allow us to give you the highlights. First off, the Alfa 8C is returning as their flagship. This mid-engine coupe will offer 700 horsepower thanks to a hybrid system, and all-wheel drive that features an electric front axle. Next up, the Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan will receive plug-in capabilities and a long wheelbase version for China. It will also spawn the Giulia GTV, a 600 horsepower coupe that also has hybrid power. Essentially a 2-door Quadrifoglio, it will share chassis and architecture with other FCA coupes. Also mentioned is they intend to have electric or plug-in options for every make and model by 2022. The electric assist powertrains and being engineered by Ferrari, thanks to the incredible efficiency of the LaFerrari. For Maserati fans, the Alfieri is still coming. It will be offered as an EV and hybrid, with a 0-60 time of around 2 seconds. They are also launching a sub-brand named Maserati Blue. It will be responsible for EV versions of every model, all utilizing 800v DC quick charging. Ram fans will be happy that a new midsize truck is on the way. The Dakota was their last small truck and they have become quite collectible.
Jeep is resurrecting the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer models, hopefully with vinyl woodgrain options. A new Desert Hawk option package will be available across their lineup, so it looks like Trail Rated will now be Sand Rated. The Charger and Challenger will not migrate to an Italian chassis, instead, FCA is investing serious cash in a new generation of the LX platform which is still a descendant of the 2002 Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W210 Chassis). The ultimate goal is to save a few pennies by sharing engines and chassis. When Sergio was asked about the Viper, he tap-danced around the issue, saying it's "not in the plan." So if your hopes of a new Viper have been crushed, click on the link below to browse our Viper inventory. Stay with us for all your Fiat-Chrysler news.

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