The world has been building with LEGO bricks for decades, creating incredible sculptures that range from tiny cars to the massive 1:1 scale model of a McLaren 720S. Yes, McLaren took 280,000+ individual LEGO bricks and created a replica supercar that's true to size. What's more, they had the help of museum visitors who placed the final orange bricks on the car during its debut at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles over the past weekend. Now that each brick has been placed, the sculpture weighs in 3,200 lbs. Compare that the weight of the real-like McLaren 720S (2,828 lbs) and you have a decent amount of difference. Just imagine if those bricks were made of carbon fiber! It should be mentioned that the bricks were placed around a steel frame, which did add some weight.

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To create this masterpiece, it took a team of six different LEGO professional builders-- yes, they exist and, yes, I want that job-- over 2,000 hours to build the replica car. What's interesting is that it takes a real-life 720S only 12 working days to be created. The Peterson Automotive Museum will be displaying the LEGO McLaren 720S until August 19th on their second floor. Guests are also invited to come and customize their own mini LEGO Speed Champions McLaren 720S while visiting. And if you haven't been, it's definitely worth a visit!

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