Remember that time Dodge dropped a Viper engine into a Ram pickup truck? The 2002 Ram SRT-10 was and is one of the craziest trucks ever built. It actually wasn't their first high-performance truck, that honor goes to the 1978 Ram "Little Red Express". Big engine, standard cab, and a performance transmission. Well, it looks like they have upped the ante for every other pickup with the confirmation of the new Ram TRX. We first saw it as a concept last year, and it stunned everyone.

Ram Rebel TRX Concept Revealed: Hellcat of Rams

It looks like they have the Ford Raptor in the crosshairs because under the hood is not the 5.7 or the 6.4 HEMI, it's the vicious 6.2-liter Hellcat V8. We say that tentatively because FCA's recent shareholder meeting confirms a new 7.0 liter V8 codenamed Banshee. This will be the return of the legendary 426 HEMI, and Mopar fans will jump for joy. The concept was dialed back to 575 horsepower to keep the transmission from detonating. Now that the Demon production is over, its time to get trucking. [soliloquy id="108703"] An open front differential will use brakes to send power left to right, and the rear is a Dynatrac Pro 60. If you need electronic lockers and 35-spline axles, this Ram is for you. Baer brakes have developed 15" front and 14" rear rotors to keep this truck under control. You will have 37" tires and 13" of suspension travel along with the scream of a supercharger to make you smile. We only wish it would arrive with a Demon crate and tuning for race fuel. But the aftermarket will have that figured out in no time. If you can't Dodge it, Ram it- and take a look at our Ram SRT-10 listings until the TRX arrives.


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From concept to reality. #Ram #TRX

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