If you believe the cars of the future will drive themselves, a few others share your vision. The latest Cadillac CT6 is the first car to feature "Supercruise". The system is so advanced, it caught the attention of SoftBank's Vision Fund. Marketwatch.com announced this morning that SoftBank is investing $2.25 Billion into GM Cruise Holdings LLC. She said, "Teaming up with SoftBank adds an additional strong partner as we pursue our vision of zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion".

Cadillac Unveils 550 HP CT6 V-Sport

CEO Mary Barra says their subsidiary will also receive $1.1 Billion to build the ultimate autonomous car. I didn't believe how capable Supercruise was until I tested it on Interstate 275. I tell you honestly, the Cadillac CT6 drives itself. It constantly scans 360 degrees around the car and looks farther ahead than your eyes can focus. If you want to experience it, click the link below to find a CT6 near you and stay with us for all your autonomous car news.

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