The title of this article reads "Wildest Camo LaFerrari We've Ever Seen," but I feel like I should change to "The Only Camo LaFerrari We've Ever Seen" (not counting the camo ones we saw before the car's release." This LaFerrari has been making quite a scene in Monaco, being spotted by YouTubers and posted on Instagram. The Instagram posts allude that the car is owned by @florianmerckx and it was wrapped by @mmlc_06. &vl=en

Why You Should Buy A LaFerrari

If the camo wrap looks familiar to you, then you're not alone because I thought of Jon Olsson's cars right away. What's funny is that Olsson was even invited by the owner for a drive. After being taken out for a spin in the LaFerrari, Olsson said in an Instagram post: "This might be the coolest car I have seen EVER! Its for sure the coolest car I have been in!" If he approves of the camo hypercar, then it must be legit. The owner seems to have named this LaFerrari "Tank," which is fitting considering how brutal it looks. In the front are headlights that have a yellow film on them, just like a race car. Combine those headlights with the wrap and insanely loud exhaust and you have "Tank," one of the coolest LaFerraris out there.

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