Jacuzzis are meant for the backyard and BMWs are meant for the road, but don't tell that to Colin Furze. Who is that? Just a madman that creates mad creations who is also the host of BMW Mad Mods on YouTube. If you've ever gone down a YouTube rabbit hole, odds are you've seen some of his creations. In the new BMW Mad Mods episode, Furze takes his famous BMW Jacuzzi out of the garage and gives the viewers a tour of the outlandish vehicle. It comes with a sealed cabin that can be filled with water, which can be heated and bubbled-up just like a real jacuzzi. The best part is that this BMW is a convertible and gives passengers the true open-air jacuzzi experience. But, Furze didn't just drop the top and take it around. No, he took it through a car wash where they use this washing pressure machines, because why the heck not. You can see that hilarious drive-thru in the video below. The funniest part has to be when they turn on the "jets" and the shampoo fills the car up with bubbles.