You can't deny the popularity of Ford's rugged F-150 Raptor. These potent pickups are aimed at off-road enthusiasts so they arrive with unique suspension and aggressive suspension and meaty tires. But Ford never stops refining their products, so in a press release this morning we've learned the details of the 2019 F-150 Raptor.

Ford Announces Ranger Raptor and We Want It…Now

The third generation of FOX Internal Bypass shocks is how it is able to crawl over rocks and also go airborne. And now they have been upgraded with Live Valve control. Sensors monitor wheel travel at all corners, and the valves are constantly adjusted. Active suspension is something all cars should have because it offers civilized street manners along with dominance on tough trails. When your new Raptor finds itself attacking a low-speed obstacle course. [soliloquy id="132102"] The new Trail Control system is essentially cruise control for rock climbing. it works with the active shocks and the stability control system to send power to tires that have grip. Without having to deal with the gas pedal, you can focus on steering and navigate the obstacles. Be careful to not spill your Yeti because this is the first F-150 to offer Recaro seats. These comfy 2-tone buckets will coddle you on the trails. Our dealers are selling Raptors as fast as Ford can build them, so click the link below and get yours on the way.

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