If your Ferrari was delivered at their historic test track, could you resist doing a few laps? That is exactly what happened when their latest Special Project was delivered. In a press release this morning, we've learned this gorgeous Italian Stallion is a one-off build for one of their best customers. Underneath is the chassis and drivetrain of a 2019 Ferrari 488 GTB. To give you an idea of their abilities here is SP12 EC. It is a 458 Italia commissioned by a guitarist named Eric Clapton.
Eric Clapton's Ferrari SP12 EC
The new body was inspired by the legendary F40, which was also a twin turbo mid-mounted V8. It wears a unique shade of red, created by several layers of base & tinted clear coats. The headlights were made as small as possible, and the rising rear quarter panels are a nod to the F40. Instead of the gaping vents found on the 488 GTB, the intercoolers are fed by inlets at the base of the quarter glass.

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[soliloquy id="132068"] Ferrari's Special Projects department has no limits to their abilities, we only wish they would build a few production examples for us! Many are kept in seclusion because the owners would not want to disclose they have more money than many small countries. Tell us what you think of SP38 in the comments below, and stay with us for all your Ferrari news. if you need something just as powerful, click the link to find your 488 GTB.

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P.S. The car was delivered at the Fiorano race track, and the house behind the car is actually inside the track. Enzo's modest home allowed him to hear and see his creations in action.