If you tuned in to watch the latest nuptials of The Royal Family, you might have noticed a classic Jaguar. Enzo Ferrari said the Jaguar E-Type was the most beautiful car ever built, and many agree with him to this day. That's why engineers at Jaguar have given new life to their iconic design. What you didn't see on the TV coverage was any exhaust or sound coming from the car. That's because it is the new E-Type Concept Zero. Showcasing Jaguar-Land Rover's future, the all-electric drivetrain was placed in the exact same location as the original engine. The brilliant handling was not altered, and it even lost a few hundred pounds in the process. Their website says the batteries and electric motor are packaged to replace the XK straight-six engine in any Jaguar from 1948 to 1992. [soliloquy id="131881"] This is very interesting because those dimensions are also comparable to a Chevrolet V8, which is a popular swap for classic Jaguar models. The Concept Zero runs 0-62 mph in 5.5 seconds, a full second faster than an original E-Type. We really hope they make this conversion kit into production because it would allow many classic Jaguars to reach a new audience, and help the environment simultaneously. As soon as we have more info, you will find it here on Autofluence.

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