Some days at work are better than others, and we're sure you can empathize. Last week when we noticed a new E-Class at our front door it made Monday much more enjoyable. As one of Mercedes-Benz most popular models, the E Class lineup ranges from coupe to sedan, with rear and AWD. Engine choices range from an economical four-cylinder up to the wild E63 AMG. We spent two weeks with a 2018 E400 Cabriolet, and it left each of us with smiles. The E Class was all-new for 2017. Now riding on the W213 chassis, the manufacturer says it was their most advanced new car to-date. Development took over 4 years, with 1,200 prototypes tested to destruction. Probably known as operation brake dance, engineers conducted over 10,000 autonomous brake tests and 5,000 automated lane changes. That last sentence alludes to an updated version of Drive Pilot, the same semi-autonomous system introduced in the S Class. Self-piloting cars are beginning to be a thing because the Cadillac CT6 we had a week before was bestowed with GM's Supercruise. I had an errand to run up to Ferman BMW, so I figured it would be funny to arrive in an E-Class. Traveling at an undisclosed rate of speed on US 19, the E 400 proved to have the same abilities as the S-Class, which are just shy of Cadillac's ability to sense changing traffic.

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Putting the hammer down on the highway is much more rewarding than stop & go traffic. Even in Sport + mode, the computer seems to unlock boost at a gradual rate. But once you are going with traffic, it accelerates well for a lower-level engine option. The top is well insulated and showed no signs of buffeting. Hitting a reflector does induce a smidge of cowl shake, but this car is not set up for a road course. It had a sticker price of $87,215 after $12,000 of optional content. Not a bad price to pay for a German Cabriolet with decent power. If you are interested, click the link below to find our dealer nearest you. Stay with us for more great reviews.

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