Dressing "smart" doesn't mean dressing like a nerd by any means. Need a good example? Check out the money makers in Silicon Valley and the fashionable outfits they can be seen in. They will go from perfectly fitting suits to jeans/tees/sneakers. For our take on a "smart" outfit, we blended a good amount of denim with stylish flair. Check it out below and click each item's respective button to view price and learn more.

Karma Revero

"Drive less than 50 miles a day? You will never buy gas. More? Feed the engine, and it will recharge the battery to provide up to 300 miles of range."

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Smith Lowdown Focus ChromaPop Sunglasses

"The first brain sensing sunglasses that give instant feedback on what's happening in your brain during cognitive training sessions with the Smith focus app."

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Apple Nike Watch+ Series 3

"Take your run to the next level with built-in cellular, GPS, and altimeter."

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Levi's® Commuter X Jacquard By Google

"Levi's® Commuter™ Trucker Jacket links to your mobile device via Bluetooth. With a tap or brush of the cuff, you can control music, screen phone calls or get directions."

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rag & bone Fit 3 Button-Down Collar Denim Shirt

"Designed in the label's relaxed 'Fit 3' cut, it has painted metal buttons and a bleached wash to give it a vintage feel."

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Levi's® Tack Slim Jeans

"This fabric has been crafted exclusively for us at Japan’s renowned Nisshinbo Mills, a leading selvedge manufacturer with a century-long legacy."

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Nike Air VaporMax Plus

"With a reinvented cushioning system, the Nike Air VaporMax Plus Men's Shoe delivers a lightweight, bouncy ride for a gravity-defying sensation underfoot, while the throwback molded upper gives you a snug, comfortable fit."

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