One of the greatest things about Formula 1 racing is the sound of the cars. Not only are they as loud as can be, as a motorsport fan there's just something about the sound of those engines that will always perk up my ears. McLaren knows just how important sound is to their racing fans, so they've teamed up with Logitech to create a pair of special edition Ultimate Ears Megaboom Bluetooth speakers. One of them is designed after the new MCL33 race car, while the other takes after the legendary MP4/4 race car. These speakers come with waterproof capabilities and can stay connected to a device from up to 100 feet away. They can also hold a charge that allows for 20 hours of non-stop music. If you've ever needed a perfect portable speaker for your garage and pool, this is a perfect choice. You can preorder them now, as they are set to release on 5/21/2018. To do so, click the button below.

Pre-Order/Buy Now - $330