It's hard to improve on perfection, but the fine folks in Stuttgart have unleashed something wild in a press release this morning. If your old race car is beaten up and tired, Porsche has a new GT3 car with all the FIA sanctioned goodies included. Starting with a light shell of aluminum and steel, a full roll cage and one racing seat. Carbon fiber makes up much of the exterior. The big news is that Porsche is building many extra examples of the body parts because they know how we drive on a track. After all, a little contact is good sportsmanship. The price of repairs is what kills many GT3 teams, so Porsche is committed to lowering the cost of regular maintenance parts also. [soliloquy id="131520"] Behind the cockpit lies a 4.0 liter flat-six that shares much with the street-legal version in the 2019 GT3 RS. But since it doesn't have to deal with emissions laws, it arrives with big cams and each cylinder has its own throttle. No intake manifold means instant revs. The exhaust is simply a tuned header with no cats or muffler. This yields 550 horsepower and an amazing sound. I wouldn't mind swapping this into a 997 to build the ultimate sleeper. Shifting is done by a six-speed sequential gearbox. You also have 31.7 gallons of fuel to keep your pit crew happy. Oh, and it better be race fuel because 98 octane is the minimum. Which one of you is going to buy a pre-owned 911 and try to get this car titled? If you have such an idea, tell us in the comments below and have a great weekend!

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