The Ferrari 812 Superfast acts as the V12 successor to the F12berlinetta and it's better in almost every way. It's 6.5-liter V12 engine pumps out serious power that's rated at 789 horsepower and 529 lb-ft of torque. Ferrari notes that it's “the most powerful and fastest Ferrari in the marque’s history.”

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To prove Ferrari's quote, YouTube Channel hartvoorautoNL took the 812 Superfast out for a spin on the Autobahn. You know about that Autobahn, right? That's the stretch of road where you can go blazingly fast and test the limits of both you and your car. Behind the wheel of the supercar, they tried to take it to its top speed, which is noted to be over 211 mph. At their height of excitement, they managed to reach 319 km/h (198 mph). While that's not the top speed of the Ferrari, it's still insanely fast for a public road. Check out the video below and let us know if you think you could handle this kind of speed on the Autobahn in the comments below.

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